Crafts for Congress: Sportsmans Coalition

CHAIRMAN – Bob Howe, Master Maine Guide, Pine Grove Lodge and Pine Grove Programs, Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Board of Directors

Sen. Jeff Timberlake

Sen. Russell Black

Rep. Richard Mason

Rep. Patrick Corey

Rep. Gary Drinkwater

Hon. Gary Hilliard

Hon. David Burns

Hon. Jeff Pierce

Hon. Dean Cray

Hon. Brian Hobart

Hon. Doug Damon, Col., Ret.

Hal Blood, Master Maine Guide and Author and President of Big Woods Bucks

Hon. Steve Wood, Registered Maine Guide, J&S Guide Service

Dean Busque, Boulet Sporting Camps

Tom Dube, Registered Maine Guide

Scott Farley, Master Maine Guide

Roger Lambert, Master Maine Guide

Dick Galgovitch, Dick’s Taxidermy

Hebert Murphy

Timothy Haggerty

Sarah Haggerty

Cheryl Haggerty

Randy Crafts

Lloyd Irons

Philip Clement

Stephen Dore

Emily Little

Robert Little

Kellianne Jones

Matthew Dugal

Debbie Hill

Peggy Ganong

Calvin Jeselskis

Doug Cameron

Carl Staples 

Pastor Bill Bailey

John Crafts

Troy Ancona

Jason Carey

 Marty Campbell

Clayton Crafts

Jonathan Moynahan

Brian Ganong

Tony Mercier

Glen Hill

Kevin Ridley

Scott Smith

Daniel Skolfield

Dicky Staples

Jay Crafts

Gordon Bell

Christopher Bickford

Steve Bickford

Roger Bickford

Fred Burnell

Jeffery Haggerty

Greg Morse

Greg Provost

Frank Hogan

Ben Grant

Alan Herrick


Affirm your support of Dale Crafts for U.S. Congress ensuring that Sportsmen initiatives are kept as a top priority.