Crafts for Congress: Pastor’s Coalition

CHAIRMAN – Bob Emrich, Former Family Research Council Northeast Representative for Church Ministries, Pastor of Emmanuel Bible Baptist Church in Plymouth.

“The lines necessarily drawn between Church and Civil government are not always easy to navigate. We need, more than ever before, to be represented in Congress by those who understand that and have the appropriate discernment. We believe Dale Crafts understands and has shown us the humility and courage to stand in that gap,” said Pastor Bob Emrich, Chairman of the Pastor’s Coalition.

Pastor Adam Wolfgang – Machias Valley Baptist Church

Pastor Bobby Oliver – Baring Baptist Church

Pastor Aaron Dudley – Christian Fellowship Church

Pastor Bill Holmes – Larrabee Baptist Church 

Pastor Scott Porter – Head of the River Baptist Church

Pastor Ken Graves – Calvary Chapel Church

Pastor Eric J. Hanson – Hosanna Church

Pastor Leonard J. Reiss – St. Albans Union Church

Pastor John Johnston – New Hope Baptist Church

Pastor Bud Fancy – Wesleyan Church

Pastor Donny Wood – Bucks Harbor Baptist Church 

Pastor John Sprague – Marshfield Congregational Church

Pastor Jonathan Jones – Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

Pastor Brian Ganong – Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

Pastor David Garnett – Open Door Baptist Church

Pastor John Alden – Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

Pastor William Bailey – Lisbon Falls Church of the Nazarene

Pastor Steve Christner – Calvary Baptist Church

Pastor Chris Grimblas – New Life Baptist Church 

Pastor Christian Gumprechet -Marston’s Corner Baptist

Pastor Rodrigo Juliani – Lisbon Falls Baptist Church

Pastor Wally Staples – Wiscasset Church of the Nazarene

Pastor Todd Bell – Calvary Baptist

Pastor Justin Thacker – Praise Assembly of God

A message from Bob Emrich

A message from Dale Crafts

I want to thank all the Pastors and religious leaders in Maine for being the light in your community and being the guiding voice for those in your congregation. Having been raised in a Christian home, I was taught the value of faith early in life. Following my accident, my Godly Christian grandmother showed me that through faith you can be an overcomer, and I have lived my life leading by example that adversity is really just God’s opportunity.

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