My name is Dale Crafts, and I am living the American dream as a freedom loving patriot that has overcome so much, and I would love to share my story as to why I am our best chance to take back the Second Congressional District of Maine! My family roots go back to the Mayflower and like some of you, I have ancestors that have been involved in the fight for freedom since the start of the American Revolution. So let me tell you a little about myself!

I am a Christian man of faith who grew up in Lisbon Maine. I have been blessed, raising 6 children and have 14 grandchildren who all live right here in Maine. As a man of faith, I raised my family in the church and taught Sunday school for 15 years. As you will continue to learn, I have extensive life experience, legislative experience and business experience that will take us to victory!

In 1983, I headed out to run an errand on my motorcycle when a car turned in front of me causing a severe accident that would leave me paralyzed for the rest of my life. At first it was difficult to overcome the fact that I would be confined to a chair for the rest of my life. But often times we find that God puts the right people in our life at the right time. My Godly Christian Grandmother was that person for me. She taught me to be an overcomer and would always give me the “O” with her hand when I would start to complain. I can still hear her voice, “Now Dale, you have to be an over commah.” I started to grow resilience through her support. I would not allow my accident to define me.

Six months later, I was behind the wheel again, because I realized that my independence was based on my ability to drive. As a result, this inspired me and others to start a company called Mobility Plus, a research and development company focused on providing opportunities for the physically challenged to drive once again. This inspiration was the spark that ignited the entrepreneur in me.

Since then, I have spent my life building numerous businesses, employing hundreds of Mainers throughout the years and working to create a strong Main Street economy for our community and society through free-market capitalism.

Through the years, I was fortunate to find another calling- public service. Public service is something that every American should engage in at least once in their life. It is what makes our Maine communities so strong. I started my service in my hometown of Lisbon by being elected to the Budget Advisory Board, then serving as a member of the Revitalization and Revolving Loan Committee, and then being elected to the Lisbon Town Council twice, serving from 2006-2009.

From 2008-2016, I was elected to serve my community in the Maine House of Representatives. During my time in the Legislature, I had the pleasure of sitting on the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Committee. Working alongside Governor LePage, Dale’s record proves he is a fiscal conservative, a voice for freedom, personal liberty and a tested advocate for our 2nd Amendment Rights. My lifetime membership with the NRA and extensive service on the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine support this.

As the only business owner in the race and a proven legislative track record, I have the experience necessary to win back the Second Congressional District. I am running for Congress because I have the unique experience to successfully partner with President Trump to continue to lower taxes, reduce regulation and create more opportunity for each and every American to succeed.

As your Congressman, you can expect nothing other than RESULTS. I will work with President Trump and support pro-growth and pro-economic policies that will continue to Keep America Great for generations to come. I will ensure that each and every one of you have a voice in Washington for the policies that matter most to us all as Mainers.

Dale Crafts

Since announcing my candidacy for Congress, I have received the endorsement from former Governor and current Maine Trump Chairman Paul LePage, Shawn Moody, Hon. Garrett Mason and over 45 current and former legislators. The support and encouragement has been very humbling, and I am grateful to each person that places their confidence in me.

As your Congressman, I will:

  • Use my business experience, to reduce regulations, protect the free-market and capitalism, and encourage business and job growth.
  • Uphold and protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Protect the Sanctity of Human Life, 100%.
  • Shrink the size of Government.
  • Fight to balance the budget and reduce the national debt.
  • Continue the fight as a Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Board Member, by supporting your right to keep and bear arms and stopping the never-ending liberal gun grab.

For us to defeat Jared Golden in November, Republicans must nominate the candidate with the experience and proven ability to get the job done. I ask that you join our campaign to do just that! I would sincerely appreciate your vote on November 3rd, 2020.


Dale Crafts holds extensive professional business experience as an entrepreneur in the State of Maine and internationally. He has owned and operated several businesses:

  • CSS Pre-Owned Inc Auto Sales/ Real Estate Investment 2013- present.
  • President/Owner of Goin’ Postal Franchise 2007- present.
  • President/Owner of C&F Developments LLC, 2006- present.
  • President/Co-Owner of C&F Developments LLC, 2004- 2006.
  • General Manager of John D. Crafts Inc 1997-2004.
  • Crafts, Purington, and Morse Inc. Grenada, West Indies, 1995-1996.
  • President/Owner of Crafts Builders Inc 1986-1989.
  • President/Owner and Heavy Equipment Operator of Crafts Construction Inc, 1986-1989.
  • Founder of Mobility Plus at John D. Crafts Inc, 1984.
  • Carpenter, Bath Iron Works Shipbuilders, 1979-1981.
  • Maine Electronics, 1977-1978.
  • John D Crafts Auto Sales, 1973-1979.